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Discover Halong Bay - World Heritage of Vietnam

If Hanoi is the grand old dame of Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City is the brash young floozy, then Halong Bay, Hue and Hoi An are the alluring mistresses you encounter along the way.

How to find safe travel in Halong Bay

Having read the news about tourist boat sunk in Halong Bay, Vietnam some days ago, ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA would like to give out some advices about how to travel safely and enjoyably in Halong Bay.

Cruising Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Ha Long Bay looked picturesque and was sunny and warm. Indochina sails, Ha Long bay , Vietnam We got up early today as we need to catch the bus for our trip to Ha Long Bay, about 3 hours west of Hanoi.

Kayaking and Cycling in a World Heritage Bay

Halong Bay is one of the most spectacular, and therefore heavily 'touristed' attractions in Vietnam. Kayak on Ha Long bay, Vietnam .

A Look into Beautiful Halong Bay, Vietnam

Halong Bay has been declared a UNESCO World heritage site and it really deserves the designation. It is one of the most exciting unusual places I have been to in my life.

Monday, May 30, 2011

A 'Junk' Trip in Vietnam ( Halong Bay)

I hunkered in the doorway of an office building as gray clouds moved in, threatening to break open above me. Piles of luggage were stacked in the doorway, but I held tightly to my backpack. As a solo traveler making my way through Vietnam, I had yet to let someone else touch my bag, the essence of my livelihood halfway around the world.

Earlier that morning I had taken a hired car from Hanoi to the coast of Vietnam. This part of the country, known as Halong Bay, was rumored to be tacky and touristy, so I opted instead to head straight for the water.

In fact, most travelers come to Halong Bay for one thing: To tour the bay by junk. These pirate-looking ships generally hold anywhere from a single couple to several dozen people, depending on the boat and tour operator.

Cruises at Halong Bay, Vietnam

Of the nearly 2,000 islands in Halong Bay, only about 300 of them have names. These sheer-faced rocks, covered with luscious trees and foliage, rise out of nowhere in the sea. Apparently birds, snakes, and monkeys live on them, but I can’t imagine that much else does.

As the junk floated among the islands, I sat on the top deck; my legs dangling over the edge of the boat, watching the world recede behind us. The warm, humid air sat heavy on my shoulders, and the dark green of the islands reflected onto the rough surface of the water despite the overcast sky. I felt like we were cruising through a waterlogged version of Jurassic Park.

We piled into the day cruiser that was pulled alongside the junket. One of the boat hands steered the craft toward Công Ðâm. The village “chief” greeted us, poured lukewarm tea into a set of chipped mugs and answered our questions about his home. This, the second largest fishing village in the bay, is only inhabited by 163 people.

As we floated in boats paddled by women in the village, I watched daily life on the water. Dogs lounged on the porches; wet clothes hung from the eves above makeshift porches that surrounded colorful homes sitting atop big plastic barrels.

Fishing village in Halong Bay

Despite rain, we set out in kayaks the next morning. I’d been kayaking in calm, clear waters before, but the rough conditions and inclement weather made the paddling tough, despite the fact that I was sharing a boat with Ahn, our guide, who kayaked several times a week.

He muscled our boat between the outcroppings as I feigned my attempt to help power the boat. Several times we stopped the kayak, rain pouring down, waiting for the others to catch up.

The next morning, our final day in the bay, I awoke to a bright sun and clear sky. The emerald foliage of the outcroppings was painted a surprising shade of brilliant green, which reflected in the water like a flat mirror.

We hopped in the kayaks and paddled to a small island with a large cave. The opening on the island was heavily trafficked.

And so we moved through the cave, trying to guess Ahn’s made-up formations quickly so we could get back in the sun.

Source: volumeone

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Vietnam - A Destination for Adventure Lovers

Exhausted of spending hard earned vacation time on weddings, family reunions and the preconditioned festive visits to friends? Do you always get the boring "been there, done that" feeling? Well, may be its time to explore your adventurous side and do something different, something challenging and something gratifying with your time.

Rediscover your adventurous side by planning Vietnam adventure tours with activities and itineraries that are suited to your every need. Spend adventure holidays in Vietnam and inspire yourself with the adventurous possibilities that Vietnam has to offer.

Some of the Vietnam adventure tours to consider while planning your adventure holidays in Vietnam are:

· Halong Cruising and Rock Climbing Adventure Tour

Halong Bay is one of the world's natural wonders and is the most beautiful tourist destination of Vietnam. To explore adventure of Halong along with an evening of relaxation under the stars, you may consider the two night Halong bay cruises and rock climbing adventure tour. Get a day of Kayaking and rock climbing in the secluded part of the bay and in the evening return to your junk for an evening of relaxation under the stars.

· Saigon to Angkor Cycling Vietnam Adventure Tour

With the help of the border crossing of the Ha Tien, this cycling Vietnam adventure tour keeps cyclists away from the majority of the traffic whilst taking in some stunning scenery. From the highlights of Ho Chi Minh City to the emerald green rice paddies of the Mekong Delta, the scenic Cambodian coastline and the atmospheric Temples of Angkor, this tour is an experience that is sure to leave you with enduring memories.

· Cycling Vietnam Tour

Explore Vietnam at a slower pace with this exhilarating Cycling in Vietnam. Visit some of the country's major sights at the same time get off the beaten track. From the capital Hanoi to the beautiful surroundings of Hue, this gratifying experience will allow you to travel through some of the country's most extravagant scenery.

Known for its exotic cuisine, mesmerizing beauty, and full of life natives, Vietnam is a mini paradise on earth. Explore the best of the best in Vietnam, from hiking in the north to shopping in the heart of downtown Ho Chi Minh City. There is so much in Vietnam to experience and explore that you will find that one Vietnam adventure tour is not enough!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5782360

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Friday, May 27, 2011

A Look into Beautiful Halong Bay in North Vietnam

Halong Bay -Halong meaning “Descending Dragon”- is named after the thousands of island with bizarre rock formations and limestone cliffs that are within the Gulf of Tonkin, in the north shores of Vietnam. It is composed of more than 3000 islands of all shapes and forms, covered in green vegetation and protruding from the ocean’s surface. If you are a nature lover, this place will enchant you with its many awe striking sites, and majestic natural composition.

Halong Bay has plenty of grottos created by the wind and the emerald water of the gulf; it is a beautiful example of the effect wind and water erosion have on the landscape.

Among the sculptured islands and rock formations, Halong Bay also hides many deserted tinny white sand beaches that you can visit by boat, stop and enjoy for a while. In these locations you’ll be surrounded by nothing but nature.

Halong Bay's Sculptures

A wonderful aspect of Halong Bay is that it has so many islands and rock pillars that every turn comes up with a surprise: another astounding sculpture, a perfect archway through the mountains, a peaceful lagoon where you can Kayak and enjoy the scenery……..

Another curiosity of Halong Bay is that, while sailing through it, you will occasionally come across floating fishing camps that are stationed in the middle of nowhere and are also an interesting site.

Kayaking at Halong Bay

I was in Halong Bay during the rainy season, it fortunately didn’t rain but there was a lot of fog and the sun hid on and off behind the passing clouds. I don’t particularly recommend March as the best time to visit. It wasn’t cold, but it wasn´t warm enough to make you want to jump into the cold water. I reckon April would be a better month: no clouds, no fog; plus, when the sun shines and illuminates the Bay, it comes to glow in its entire colorful splendor.

Most visitors visit the area hiring tour operators that take them from Hanoi to Halong City Harbor, where you step into a fairly small cruise with 8 to 10 cabins where you can visit the Bay, the islands and the fishing floating stations, apart from sleeping and eating in the boat. Because the cruises remain low density and the group of people with which you travel is small, the experience, all though quite touristy, is very pleasant. I reserved my boat trip in the hotel I was staying in Hanoi and the service was very good. I had a cozy little cabin with a queen size bed and private bathroom in a wooden double decker old fashioned boat, with a windowed dining room from which you could appreciate the view and a deck to enjoy the fresh air; just perfect.

Indochina Sails Cruises

The boat tour will probably take you to the most visited grotto in Halong Bay, a massive cave formation on top of one of the mountain-islands. It is a cave complexly sculpted by the forces of nature. The ceiling, walls and floor are covered in stalactites, stalagmites and all sorts of strange formations. The cavern is well illuminated for one to fully appreciate the splendor of this majestic piece of art.

Halong Bay's Most Impressive Grotto

Halong Bay has been declared a UNESCO World heritage site and it really deserves the designation. It is one of the most exciting unusual places I have been to in my life.

(Source: http://hubpages.com - Claudia Tello)

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Hot Promotion in Halong Bay: Summer Saver Sensation with Indochina Sails

Dear distinguished customers,

Greetings from Indochina Sails – The most luxury and safest on Halong Bay, Vietnam!
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For further details, feel free to let us know at anytime:


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Ha Long – a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the world’s most spectacular natural wonders- may have never been easier and more comfortable to discover with INDOCHINA SAILS. Let’s get aboard.

The boarding time is 11.30 am. Passengers are welcomed with smiles and the sound of drums. The friendly staffs provide each with a fresh cool tower and a welcome drink to refresh after a long traveling distance. One hour to take a short rest before lunch at magnificent seascape.

This traditional junk is special from its materials to decoration. It is made by Aroma woods, a relaxing perfume living in every corner of the ship. With air-conditioned rooms of twin, double and single, each room is luxuriously and neatly decorated in 5 star styles. It is a truly perfect paradise for those who travel in couple, with friends or alone.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cruising Halong Bay To Enjoy Your Summer Holiday

Are you planning your summer vacation now? Come abroad and discover Halong Bay in style this summer with us for a memorable holiday.

We offer wooden traditional junks to discover Halong bay with the itinerary of overnight on board for 2 days or 3 days itinerary. After a night o­n board, passengers awaken to see daylight filtering through the early morning mist and the towering rock formations, leaving you with a dream-like memory of your visit to the Halong Bay and truly enjoy aboard a perfectly paced cruise, showcasing the glorious landscape of Ha Long Bay, an UNESCO declared World Heritage, among some 1,600 islands and islets, mountains, sandy beaches forming a spectacular seascape of limestone pillars.

Cruise with us, customers will be served with excellence services in Vietnamese style such an aesthetic meals with high quality, and guests will also enjoy completely pack the extra services such as kayaking, fishing. With our junks that sail to the quite at beautiful areas, Indochina Sails cruises are ideal for celebrating birthday party, honeymoon, wedding anniversary, etc.

Our junks are built to the highest standards, in a time-honoured style, with first-class modern facilities. We have combined the best of Old World and New and the best of East and West to create a unique and memorable way to explore one of Mother Nature's most spectacular creations.

Our goal is to offer a soothing as well as stimulating experience that you will remember and cherish. Our dedicated and professional management and staff await you and look forward to serving you on magnificent Halong Bay.

(Reference source: bestvacationpack)

Hanoi Office
Add: 27 - A6 - Dam Trau Quarter - Hai Ba Trung District - Hanoi - Vietnam
Tel: +84 - 4- 39842362
Fax: +84 - 4 - 39844150
Email: info@indochinasails.com
Website: www.indochinasails.com

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